Rev. Gloria B. Warren
Prayer Requests
Healing with Compassion & Prayer
One of Svetlana Pritzker's magnificent soul paintings.
Thank you Lana

"I am the way, the truth, and the life."
John 14:6
Prayer Process:   
After receiving a prayer request Gloria places herself in a state of divine oneness.  She then asks for St. Michael and other saints and/or angels to join her.  She then integrates the prayer request  through the divine passage and into the holy oneness. While listening attentively they speak to her, she questions and converses...
Through this enlightened state a transformation takes place.  Gloria continues to listen attentively during her guided journey.  All messages are significant and all have a purpose.
Your prayer request is very
important to Gloria.

She will want to send you a response so please include contact information. Anonymous submissions are respected. If you prefer a phone call, include your phone number. Gloria follows all the Privacy Act Rules & Regulations.
THE COMMUNITY PRAYER REQUEST NOVENA IS EVERY SUNDAY AT 8 PM. Gloria Says the traditional novena is nine weeks straight with separate lighting of a candle for each request.
To Submit a Prayer Request:

Submit all prayer requests via e-mail, snail mail, or text request.  Please mail the suggested donation of $5 (or any amount) to one of the following addresses or click on the Donate button below:


Rev. Gloria Warren
3208 Still Hill Drive​
 McHenry, IL  60050



TEXT if immediate response is necessary.

Don't have $5, any donation will do.​​​
This symbol is the Tibetan symbol of "Healing & Compassion."  Gloria believes very strongly in the global compassion which interconnects the spiritual beings within all of us.  It is this compassion & prayer that transforms all, that leads to healing.


​Matthew 10:8
"Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons.  You received without paying, give without." ​

​​Payment isn't a necessity, please don't allow it to hinder your request.