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Rev. Gloria B. Warren
            Medical Intuitive/Spiritual Architect
            Healing with Compassion & Prayer
            Medical Intuitive 3 Part Reading ONLINE from pictures by world renowned
            Gloria Warren.
            1.Physical Deficits
            2. Root Causes &
            3. Reconcilliation
            Medical documentation and phone consultation.
            Via e-mail or Snail mail - send photo of face, full body, hands (both sides) and feet to:
            State in subject line:
            Medical Intuitive Reading


Medical Intuition -
Techniques for Everyone

     All of us have gifts that can be used to stay healthy. Come and find out various techniques you too can use on your family and friends. This is an introductory class which is geared toward the medical professional for clinical diagnosis and anyone that would like to gain knowledge in the field of Medical Intuition.

            Medical Intuitive Complete Reading......$325
            Spiritual One-on-One 35 min. session....$65
            Follow-up Session.......$45
            Mini-Session 15 min......$40


            G B Warren  
          3208 Still Hill Drive​
          McHenry, IL 60050​
"I am the way, the truth, and                 the life."
                   John 14:6
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Gloria Warren is a Medical Intuitive since birth and she uses her God-given gift helping to “see into the human body.” She uses the art of Meditation, Shiatsu, Divination, Feng Shui and Chinese Medicine to create balance for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Although not a physician, she has been in the medical field for most of her life and has combined these aspects of Medical knowledge and personal insight with her recommendations for over 30 years. Click on the "About" tab for a list of her classes and other consultation information.
Gloria believes in the connection between the mind, body, spirit and universal light. Each individual is one within the universe and can be physically and emotionally influenced by all.  Compassion, Knowledge, Protection and Inspiration will manifest enhancement of one’s physical and spiritual well being and reflect within the universal journey. 

            She is committed to helping others evolve by opening their awareness of their physical and spiritual condition.  In turn, this opens the door to
            Synergistic Manifestation & Healing.